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To survive in Australia, driving is an essential, necessary and joyful ability. In order to obtain an Australian driving license, each state and territory has its own procedure and specifications. It takes a long time for young and inexperienced drivers to obtain their license, while mature and well-trained drivers or foreign license holders can often speed up the process and quickly pass the tests.

In Australia, obtaining a driver’s license can be a lengthy and costly exercise. This stage, when applying for a driving test or license, is an eyesight test.

The Driver’s Awareness Test in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese can be taken by those who are South Wales residents. If your language is not mentioned, you are entitled to apply for a test interpreter service.

Drivers are provided with an L-plate after completing the driver’s awareness test. The objective of the L-plate is to begin taking lessons on the lane.

There is a test called the Hazard Recognition Test that judges the ability of learners to identify potentially dangerous conditions before advancing to a realistic test to acquire a license. For young drivers under 25 years of age, most states and territories have strict guidelines for recording between 50-120 hours of supervised driving by a well-trained teacher or a person with a full license. A different number of driving hours is expected by different states and territories.

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